Fatum becomes Guardian Group

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago - August 27, 2013: Fatum becomes Guardian Group. New brand improves international position of Curacao’s market leader.

“The only constant is change. By nature we fear it, but we must welcome it and embrace it.” This is the first message Dr. Steven Martina, CEO of Guardian Group (formerly known as Fatum), wants to impart regarding the new brand name of the insurance company. With the name change, a familiar brand to the people of Curacao disappears from the island. But Curacao will receive something beautiful in return: an internationally strong brand that will put the insurer as well as the island on the map like never before, offering new possibilities to the insurance company both within and outside the Dutch Kingdom.

Time for change
After being a solid name on the Curacao market for 107 years, it is time to focus on the future and meet new challenges. Time to strive for more international success. To achieve this, an internationally powerful name is needed. With one vision, one mission, and one name – a strong brand that opens doors abroad – Guardian Group is ready for the future.

International growth
The brand name Guardian Group is a well-known name in the Caribbean market and fits the new vision for the future. With this strong brand value, the insurance company formerly known as Fatum can grow easier on an international scale. A bigger opportunity than ever to grow is handed to the insurer, which it has grasped with both hands. A good example of this is seen in the Netherlands. Within three years the Dutch office has grown to a company with 50 employees and a solid position on the Dutch market.

Good for Curacao
The name change however is not just an advantage for the insurance company. The land of Curacao also benefits. Guardian Group as a strong Caribbean player and well-known name in business circles, is of great added value to the business position of Curacao as a country, and will thus help increase the international growth potential of our island.

Same values
Clients of Guardian Group will hardly notice the changes, apart from a few externals. Everything Curacao has grown used to regarding Fatum will stay the same. The organization and its morals and values, service, products, and all other customer-related matters on Curacao will not change. The reason behind the name change is, as stated before, to be able to realize the international aspirations within as well as outside the Dutch Kingdom.

New direction
While the customers on Curacao can rely on the same way of doing business, the international market will welcome a new player. “The name change will mark the start of a new path,” says Dr. Martina. “We will move forward and it is thrilling, motivating, and inspiring.”

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