About Guardian Group

Welcome to Guardian Group your platform for integrated financial services throughout the English and Dutch Caribbean. We put your needs at the centre of our financial planning and asset management services and reliably deliver a consistent product, which reaffirms our title of market leader in a seemingly saturated financial services industry. With Guardian Group your investments are nurtured until you are ready to reap the returns.

Guardian Group emerges as the backbone of your secure financial future - letting you and the ones you love the most live easy.

Purpose: To provide peace of mind and prosperity to communities in the Caribbean and across the World.

Mission: To lead the World in creating financial freedom for You in good times and in bad, through positive interactions, powered by technology. 


Customer-centricity – Understand what matters to the customers, then provide that better than anyone else. 
Global excellence - Be best-in-world, not just best-in-Caribbean
Bias Action - Being first is better than being perfect
Commitment - Discuss openly, disagree respectfully, decide quickly and commit wholly.
Curiosity - Question answers.  Learn and be curious
Continuous Improvement - Be better today than yesterday